Testimonials from Teens:

"I feel that in the past four years my spiritual life has been enriched and fortified. Although I sometimes face challenges, I find myself turning towards the love of God every time I am in need. I believe that my strong conviction of faith is due to my involvement in CYFM. CYFM has allowed me to feel God’s love and share it with others."

Michelle D., Wappingers Falls, NY


"Each Cap Corps Volunteer cares for each teen personally. This creates great bonds of friendship as well as helping one deepen his relationship with God. The organization and leadership that the Cap Corps Volunteers portray are truly remarkable."

Eric D., Yorktown Heights, NY


"Before I started going to CYFM, I knew God, but only in the sense that I felt like I had to because my parents made me go to Mass every week. Through various retreats at CYFM, however, I have come to know Him on different terms. I have been able to build a relationship with Christ on my own with the guidance of the people at CYFM."

Samantha M., Elon, North Carolina


"Cap Corps Volunteers act as role models and the rocks that aid us in building our faith. They are also friends that can help with problems."

Dennis M., Cold Spring, NY


"As an active member of the CYFM community I have not only been able to establish and develop my own personal relationship with Jesus, but I have been able to aid many others in their search for the Lord. The fact that my personal relationship has grown to the point that I can actively share and inspire others of our Lord’s love is a true testament of the program’s influence."

Brian D., Beacon, NY


"Cap Corps Volunteers are just awesome people in general. When I come to CYFM at the beginning of a retreat they are always the ones to break the ice. They are role models. They always make me feel comfortable, and you know that they truly empathize with you. They have experienced life and give great advice."

Carolyn M., Hopewell Junction, NY


"I believe that the most important thing I have experienced at CYFM has been how the Eucharist ties together all other facets of my faith journey, and that we are a community in Christ, his hands and feet. If it had not been for my experience at CYFM and the love I have felt there, I am confident that my faith would not be as strong as it is today."

Fiona F., Highland, NY


"Cap Corps Volunteers play a major role at CYFM. They are beacons of Christ’s love and light to all whom they encounter, and are sources of guidance and support to all who seek to strengthen their faith at CYFM. Personally speaking, aside from all of the fun and excitement the CCVs have brought to every single CYFM experience I have had, in them I have found great hope for the future of my faith. Furthermore, I have had the privilege of building wonderful friendships with some of the CCVs, which has been nothing short of amazing."

Marissa P., Chelsea, NY

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Please Support Capuchin Appalachian Mission - Companions in Service

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Capuchin Outreach Program

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