Saint Francis of Assisi

Saint Francis was born in Assisi in 1182. Rich in natural virtue, he was always quick to share his good fortune with his friends and even with the poor. Francis came to recognize Jesus in the poor and the Lord's beauty and providence in nature. St. Francis founded his order of priests and brothers in 1209. He remained a constant witness to the Catholic faith, always inspiring the faithful to a deeper observance of the Gospel, and his spirit lives on today. Saint Francis died on October 4, 1226. Among his last words was a call to continue the work of renewal in the Catholic Church, "Let us begin again, for until now we have done nothing. May each of us do our share to spread the Gospel, the true Catholic faith!"

The Capuchin Franciscans were founded in 1528 as a reform of the First Order of St. Francis, aiming to place special emphasis on contemplative prayer, simplicity of life, and living in supportive fraternities while serving the poor and the marginalized. They are a religious order of men who strive to live the Gospel life according to the Rule of St. Francis of Assisi.

Since that time there have been over 90 Capuchin Saints and Blesseds who have attained designations of Venerable, Blessed and/or Sainthood in the Catholic Church. To read a brief summary of each of their inspiring lives, please click on the links below.

                    CAPUCHIN SAINTS & BLESSEDS