General Minister & Definitors

The General Minister and the Definitors are elected by the General Chapter. The task of the Definitors is to assist the General Minister in the government of the entire Order. In addition, each Definitor is assigned a particular area of work to which he is more closely associated and for which he is more directly responsible.  In effect, the General Minister defines eight major areas of responsibility, each of which is assigned to one of the General Definitors.


84th General Chapter of the Order

General Minister and Definitors of the Capuchin Order

From left to right:
Michael Fernandes (Province of Maharahstra), Pio Murat (Province of France), Jean-Bertin Nadone (General Vice-Province of Congo), Mark Schenk (Province of Mid-America), Mauro Johri (Swiss Province), Stefan Kozuh (Province of Slovenia), Cesar Acuin (Province of the Philippines), Raffaele Della Torre (Province of Lombardia), Sergio Marcello Dal Moro (Province of Rio Grande del Sud), Hugo Martin Mejia Morale (Province of Peru).